Caktuz “2 Hevi 4 Heaven” Album


2 HEVI 4 HEAVEN (unmixed)

Parental Advisory

AMAS 2006

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The debut album from Caktuz (formerly Caktuz Tree..?13).  2 Hevi is raw and ladden with heavy uncanned angst & disfunctional emotional tracks as a reflection of Caktuz’s release after an 8yr prison stint for a crime he did not commit. 2 Hevi 4 Heaven was the base from which many fans & industry insiders began recognizing that this Carolina hurricane was a force to watch for.

2 Hevi 4 Heaven took 8 years to write and 8 months to record. A stirring journey through not only hip hop culture in North Carolina, but the definitive sound self penned by Cak..?13; Carolina Bluez. A warm sound that draws apon old slave spirituals and southern church roots; dirt roads, and wah-wah guitars beseeched over gritty/ rugged drum beats that recall that old school boom- bap! His music is essentially soulful and as moving as the most fitting soundtrack to any struggle; Funk, jazz, blues, and country; all the genres that make Carolinas culture distinct.

With production under his credit, Cak..?13, is more than just your average street-hop artist. Able to play the guitar while simultaneously spitting venomous lines of intrigue, he turns any live show into a hip hop juke joint. Being a graphic designer, Cak..?13, has wowed audiences with his live shows mixing live graphic illustration seamlessly with extraordinary showmanship!Cak..?13 embodies the pains and triumphs of a Middle East native.

His lyrical delivery bleeds with emotion in every breath; every track a testimony in the electric church he builds with his heart. His name, Caktuz Tree..?13, symbolizes survival; that one shot with no holds barred; the scars that tell better stories than the tattoos; the yearning to simply be heard.

This is what it sounds like when survivors sing.


Trk Song
1 2 Hevi 4 Heaven Ntro
2 Caktuz Tree..?13
3 2 Much
4 Dead Manz Lament (All I Got)
5 One Song Interlude
6 Koldd
7 Cummyn Down (snippet)
8 Godzmuzik
9 How Do U Say?
10 Savi’n Me
11 Emmanuelz Kama Sutra
12 Blackbyrdz
13 Where’d U Git’cha (Package)
14 Bring It Out
15 Karolyna Ghost Stori
16 When Luv Ain’t Enuff
17 Word
18 Blackbyrdz (Reprise/ Dedikashun)
19 Blackbyrdz Accoustik Version

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