#AMASlife Made A Movie?

In the Prince’s Purple Rain, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, or Bey’s Lemonade, #AMASlife got together in the summer of 2016 to film a musical/ visual album to W A N D E R L U S T. Starring the whole #AL fam, this film noir is a gritty dramatic musical narrative written & self-directed by hip hop artist, Caktuz.

The story follows a traveling musician who must revisit his troubled youth in a small North Carolina town. As a boy he struggled to navigate a tough existence in High Point while becoming unwillingly drawn to an ominous local presence that infected his former gang with madness, leading some to a blood lust for violence.

Having since escaped to become a semi-successful rapper, he returns to find out his estranged mother is being evicted. Pressured to find the money to help her, he takes on a job from his old gang, now run by former best friend Mama Bird.

Tensions flare between the two when Bird reveals she is using his ex-girlfriend, Starr, to rob rival gangs. After their old love is reignited, he vows to help Starr escape before her infection worsens with tragic results.