Beats ‘n Bytes: Here’s 5 Things You Need To Know in Hip-Hop + Tech

Prince’s Music Is Now on Spotify.

After all the legal complications “Purple Rain” and other legendary songs like “When Doves Cry” by Prince are now available through Spotify.

Can Facebook Live Make Music Videos Relevant Again?

Due to the success of Chance The Rapper’s “Same Drugs” video being streamed through Facebook Live with over 33,000 impressions, the unexpected victory sparked people’s interest and now people are wondering if Facebook Live is the new avenue to keep the music video relevant.

After winning for rap album, Chance The Rapper thanks Mom, Dad and… Soundcloud

Chance The Rapper had a special shout-out after accepting the Grammy award for Best Rap Album.

How Jimmy Iovine Plans to Take Apple Music to New Height.

Apple Music and Jimmy Iovine’s vision for turning the company into one that holistically blends the fundamentally entwined yet oft incompatible worlds of Silicon Valley and the entertainment industry is finally in motion.

Cam’ron Responds to Jim Jones on Instagram Live.

Cam’rontook to Instagram Live Saturday night (Feb. 12) and gave a run-down of hip-hop’s history in Harlem, covering the break-up of The Diplomats and giving a response to Jim Jones. Cam’ron was live for over three hours and got over 60k+ tuning in to his IG Live! SOURCE

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