Born & raised in Northeast Washington, D.C., Lord Lu Cypher, has seen it all. Growing up around his late grandmother’s night spot was comparable to Harlem’s infamous Cotton Club where stars such as Red Foxx, Pearl Bailey, and Duke Ellington would often socialize. Between errands for his grandmother, 60’s soul singer Baby Dee (MGM), and favor’s for the local hustler’s Lu’s love for music would be born.

By Lu’s teens he was freestyling in the local parks and trap houses with the hottest rappers in the city. After coaxing from a friend Lu appeared on WPGC’s rap battle and won by popular vote, several times. The experience and exposure was enough for him to begin taking it more seriously.

Lu met producer, Caktuz, at a local store in his neighborhood after finding out they shared a common interest in music. Lord Lu Cypher joined the #AMASlife team by 1st appearing in Cak’s indie musical W A N D E R L U S T: A Musical Noir. After cutting the freestyle ‘AllOvMy’ ft. Cardo Valli in a New Years Eve studio session, the two began working on songs and concepts for his forthcoming mixtape project Baphomatic. The 1st single from the project, ‘Haunted Traphouse’ ft. Caktuz, is inspired by true events that happened while trapping out of an old family house.


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