Caktuz Readies 4th Studio Project ‘Wanderlust’ With Short Film

CAk_beastOnTheMicEager fans have been awaiting the newest sounds from Caktuz since his last offering, How To Dress Well For Suicide. After a year on the road w/ Go Go icons Rare Essence, Caktuz has recorded a heap of new music and gathered hours of footage for his forthcoming short film, Wanderlust.

Image-1432079115609The few demos that Cak has leaked online, show very much promise that this album will definetly top the last. Recorded over the course of 3 years on the road, Wanderlust (the love or lust of the journey to find ones self), picks up where Dress Well’s dark afropunk leaves off.

The influence of Go Go’s hard hypnotic drums can already be heard in early demos for Wanderlust, but no track list has been released at this time.

The film is currently in production on location in Caktuz’s hometown of High Point, NC. It’s hush- hush for any release dates, but Caktuz promises there will be plenty of music and other content on social media leading up to the date.

Until then, he best is yet to come. Keep following!! @Caktuz