Why it Matters, Checklist, Cost, and Truthful Tips



  • Website uptime monitoring – we use tools that notify us immediately if your website goes dark. This way we can act immediately and prevent possible losses to your business.
  • Customer feedback monitoring – overseeing comments on the website.
  • Full website malware scan – even updated websites can be compromised. A scan allows us to discover if there are some lurkers within the site.
  • Website CMS/ theme updates – whenever a new version comes out.
  • Website extensions updates – in parallel with CMS updates we review and make sure all 3rd party components are compatible with a new version and update it.
  • Full website CMS backup – always keeping the last live version of your site in our remote storage.
  • Quality assurance through Google Webmaster Tools – Google provides us with insights, warnings and other notifications that affect website performance.
  • Link scan – scan and fix broken 3rd party links to make sure they don’t return 404 errors.
  • Full website security audit – quarterly analysis of the security logs and prevention.
  • Website Performance Optimization – website loading, speed testing and optimization.
  • SEO optimization – we use SEO tools to help customers find your site in east Google searches.
  • Domain Name Renewal – we keep an eye on it so we don’t miss that critical update. It’s easy to miss those expiration email notifications.
  • Footer Copyright Update – this is a quick task to perform, but it’s also very important. It shows your visitors that your website is current and cared for.
  • Other responsibilities Website Restoration From Backup – we are on the standby for an immediate website restoration (depending on our agreement).
  • Availability. We’ll always be on time with your project, and your emergencies will be taken care of quickly.